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How to Setup a Wireless Router

You need to know how to setup a wireless router properly. Now a days, it is important to know the process of setup settings in the device. Control panel of all router are different. You should know about your router’s settings. If you have bought a new router, you will get all necessary things in the box. In the router box, you will get the device, cables, power cord and a manual. You should read the manual of the router and follow information for setup settings.

You need to unbox the router and connect the router with the power cable. Login to the router’s control panel and you need to use an IP address (default) what is selected for the router. Type the IP address on the browser address bar and press on the enter button. Put the login credentials on the box of the router login and enter in the router by pressing enter. Once you are logged in the router, you need to setup. If you have purchase a home router, you will get a wizard tool what helps to setup setting fast. You need to put some information what you get from your ISP. Once you have setup setting, the device may restart and you will get Wi-Fi facility. You can get help from YouTube video if you do not know how to setup settings.